Friday June 21,2024
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  • For nearly 40 years, Preco Manufacturing has built a reputation as a leading aerospace manufacturer of precision machined components for military, government and commercial customers around the world.  Our focus is about the long-term creation of value to our customers. Preco is truly dedicated to serving its customers and delivering profitable growth to sustain the viability of Preco’s own expansion.

    Founded in 1978, Preco is a minority owned company, driven by its ability to provide customers with the right solutions at the right cost.  It continually seeks ways to better leverage technologies in order to provide customers affordable solutions to their most demanding manufacturing needs.  We understand that in order to become a robust, well-resourced supply chain, it is crucial that the right technologies be in place to sustain the fluency and innovation in our perpetual development. 

    Market forces have dictated dramatic changes in how Preco approaches the manufacturing of its customers’ engineered parts. The industry in general now demands greater flexibility and accountability with quicker turnarounds. Our mindset, therefore, is continually evolving; we strive to re-invent ourselves every day to increase our competitive advantage. We continually enhance our manufacturing performance, and create customer benefits by reducing costs. Having replaced every machine with new state-of-the art equipment, we maintain a competitive edge over other companies who are just as determined to succeed.  

    Preco has demonstrated a true commitment to its growth and quality assurance to its customer base by dedicating all of its resources and talents to improve the services it provides.  By reacting to market demands, developing and evolving its processes to meet the needs of customers around the world, Preco Manufacturing has developed a reputation for excellent quality at extremely competitive rates. It can meet customer requirements for quality and delivery performance with outstanding customer service, whether it is for prototype or high volume production.

    As such, technological evolution has been at the core of Preco’s strategy and success since its inception. As a global player in aerospace manufacturing, maintaining cutting-edge technology and innovation has shaped the company on who we are today and our vision for the future. Our comprehensive approach to customer service has secured our place as a global manufacturer.


    Our Vision 

    • Integrity
    • Innovative processes
    • Delivering pro table growth
    • Building supplier chain partnerships
    • A Comprehensive Collaborative Approach




    Our Strategy & Mission
    We strive to re-invent ourselves every day to increase our competitive advantage as a global player in aerospace manufacturing; maintaining cutting-edge technology and innovation has defined who we are as a company today and our vision for the future.